Battlefield of the Mind Devotional Examine App

a sword in your hand

The app is great because we don’t always have books and notes available but we generally always have our phones. The app is an awesome sword when you are battling things in your head or you just need inspiration.

Essential Encouragement

Whether you’ve read the Battlefield book or not; whether you follow Joyce Meyer or not, this is for YOU. Little by powerful little, It will keep you from faking into depression and despair. It will simply power your life.


I must download!

Love this Tool!

I love this app! Simple daily devotions to begin my day with new thoughts. I find myself reaching for this throughout my day when I struggle with Satan intruding my mind. What a great tool as I strengthen my faith and relationship with God!

I wish

I wish I was able to zoom in and out so I can screen shot whole screen .. to share with friends or copy and paste

Love this!!!

My favorite devotional EVER & the app keeps it with me wherever I go. 💞


This is a great devotional!


You've probably heard the saying many times "NEED vs. WANT"? This is a NEED! The enemy is trying to kill, steal, AND destroy each of us every second of every minute of EVERY DAY! We MUST learn to "....renew our mind..." Romans 12:2 & this tool has been made available to us to BLESS, TEACH & ALLOW us to do that!! We are to work with God, by doing our part, as HE changes us "little by little from glory to glory!!" Make this a PRIORITY, spend time with HIM, get to KNOW HIM & "consider all else as dung"! If you don't , be prepared to remain in spiritual battles on a daily basis! God bless you all!

Spot on!

What i need to hear daily! Thanks for this!

Great app

This app has been really helpful. I watched the movie and knew that really needed to take every thought captive. My thoughts were the beginning of troubles that are being caused. If start in my head in the right place, grounded, then I am able to walk with Christ and have a more joyfilled day. My only wish is that the background could be changed to where it isn't so bright. I have a baby and usually resort to my phone to read in the wee mornings and it is too bright. When reading during the day it would be fine but I am trying to do my quiet times in the early morning before I start my day and it is usually dark because I am trying to get the baby back to sleep. If this could be fixed that would be truly appreciated. Thanks.

Very helpful!!

This devotional has changed my thoughts and enabled me to be more aware of the spiritual warfare going on in my own personal life and internal thinking process. Now, I monitor my thoughts and bring the negative ones to God for help.

Battle of the mind

Excellent book, very uplifting and keeps you positive.


Excellent... Nice companion to her amazing book!

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